Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spring Greetings!

Welcome to another mode of communicating the many fine things occurring at Wayland Union Schools through my new Superintendent’s Blog!  Although I am out and about at district events and community activities frequently, which provides me many opportunities to converse with parents, staff, and citizens in person, this blog is another means of conveying information and thoughts to promote increased communications.  As always, please feel free to contact me in person, by email, or phone with your ideas, questions, or concerns, that may not be answered through other district channels.  I hope you find my blog beneficial!

We trust your spring is going well as we prepare for fun summer activities.

Another great school year in wrapping up at Wayland Union Schools!  We continue to see academic growth with our students.  Our caring and dedicated administration, faculty, and staff inspire our students through safe and nurturing learning environments to prepare them to be college and career ready.  The many fine arts, athletic, and extra-curricular opportunities we provide have allowed our students to excel and display their abilities and talents in a variety of ways as an extension of the classroom.  Our students continue to gain skills and insights in their learning through the use of technology, including the expansion of our iPad program for all students in grades Young Fives/K-12 this fall.

We offer our very best wishes to the Wayland Union HS Class of 2015 as they move on to the world of college and careers.  The foundation they have received from their families, our staff, and our communities, should serve them well as they become even more independent and begin charting their future.  We are proud of what they have accomplished to date and the positive role models they have been for our younger students.  I continue to be impressed with their maturity, caring attitudes, passion for learning, and the skills they display.

Although summer may be upon us, learning doesn’t end.  At this time of year, I’ll make my annual appeal to keep your children and grandchildren reading and learning through activities and play.  New this year is the district’s Summer Meals Program, offering free breakfasts & lunches to students 18 years and younger, and tied in to our summer school and activities program.  Please see the dates and times information for our Summer Activities & Meals Program on our district website.

Parents have always been a child’s first and best teacher.  When possible, engage the young ones under your care by visiting one of our outstanding local libraries, getting a library card, and being part of a summer reading program.  Many interactive opportunities exist during the summer for creative play, exercise, visiting a museum, park, or zoo.  Family trips and vacations present many new learning experiences.  Learning can be fun and relevant – just use your imagination!

Thank you again for sharing your children with us this past school year and supporting all the many wonderful endeavors involving our students, faculty, and staff.  We appreciate the community support to provide modern schools, technology, and facilities in which to teach and learn.  The high value we place on a quality education is evident throughout the Wayland Union School District.

Please have a safe and relaxing summer and we’ll see you in the fall!